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Crabtober at Catch 35-Let’s Get Cracking!

The Crème de la CRAB is available for a limited time and is the BEST!



The very first delivery of the 2017 Alaska Red King Crab Fishery will be at the dock late on October 9th.  Fresh, never frozen will be delivered to our door on on Thursday, October 12th.

Supplies are limited, call restaurants to check on daily availability

Seafood Source: “Cost Recovery” fishery, harvested by Captain Owen Kvinge of the F/V Arctic Sea.

Why is this crab so special?  Because it is FRESH never frozen. Alaskan Red King Crab fishing season is currently underway and when it gets back from the boats it is cooked chilled and shipped FedEx to our door. We will receive this product for only a few weeks until the yearly quota of Crab is caught! We serve it chilled. Catch 35 sources this AMAZING crab from the Crab Broker.

Who is the Crab Broker?   They offer the highest quality and consistency of crab available in the United States. Every October and November, the Crab Broker oversees the production of Alaskan crab personally at the Dutch Harbor in Alaska. What makes this crab the Crème de la CRAB is the fact that it is shipped daily via FedEx directly from Dutch Harbor to Catch 35 Chicago and Naperville every October and November. Sweet and buttery all on its one, all this crab needs is you to devour it!

 Crabtober Specials at Catch 35

Chilled Jonah Crab Claws served with garlic oil and mustard mayo
Limited availability

1 lb. of Fresh Alaskan Red King Crab (served chilled) $75

Crab Stuffed Atlantic Cold Water Lobster Tail, lemon beurre blanc $49