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Fried Shrimp Fridays at Catch 35 Naperville

Fried Shrimp Fridays 


-All Day-Every Friday at Catch 35 Naperville-

Crispy Florida shrimp-panko crusted-flash fried served with French fries-coleslaw-cocktail sauce

*Starts Friday, April 26th thru May 31st

More about Florida shrimp…..

Wild Florida Shrimp

Five types of wild shrimp are commercially harvested in Florida.  At Catch 35, our chef prefers White Florida Shrimp.

Wild caught with a long rich ancestral history of being fished in the United States, Florida shrimp stands out amongst the rest.  Filled with many generations of hard working families, the shrimp industry has survived natural disasters and hardships throughout the years.

The shrimp grow over time in warm, nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean.  Harvested from a natural environment free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and residue, wild American shrimp have a better taste, texture, and overall quality.

The Wild American shrimp industry is sustainable and naturally renewable.   But mostly, chock full of pride from the American shrimpers who look to pass this profession onto future generations.

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