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James Beard Eats Week Menu-April 26-May 6, 2019

James Beard Eats Week Menu

What is James Beard Eats Week?  It is a celebration of  James Beard and Chicago’s vibrant culinary scene, April 26-May 6, 2019, 11 days of exclusive restaurant menus and dishes inspired by James Beard’s American Classic recipes. More than 100 top Chicago restaurants will honor the man known as the “Dean of American cookery” through their James Beard inspired menus.

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Charred Spanish Octopus  16

duck confit – fingerling potatoes – chimichurri

Housemade Tagliatelle  28

lump crab – Chinese broccoli – chili butter

Toasted Almond Ricotta Cheesecake  8

crushed almond crust-Grand Marnier crème anglaise

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What inspired Catch 35’s Chef Eddie Sweeney’s 2019 Eats Week Menu items?  


“This year the starter is a play on one of Catch 35’s most popular new dishes-Charred Spanish Octopus.  I chose to char the octopus because not only does it add a nice delicate smokiness but also tenderizes it for the perfect bite.  I added richness from the duck confit and fingerling potatoes and brightened it with a tangy chimichurri.” 


“Next, this entree is a celebration of texture and taste.  The housemade tagliatelle is rolled out, cut, and cooked al dente.  The addition of the lump crab, Chinese broccoli, and chili butter showcase a balance between sweet, sour, and spicy.  Rich and no nonsense this dish is straightforward and delicious.”


“Lastly, the finishing touch is the Toasted Almond Ricotta Cheesecake.  If you don’t know, I started my cooking career as a pastry chef.  I have a great fondness for the time and care put into desserts.  My personal favorite is a perfectly baked Danish.  With that in mind, I combined the flavors of my favorite cheese Danish into an elevated cheesecake.  Ricotta cheese makes for a lighter and delicate filling enveloped with comforting flavors of the toasted almond crust and topped off with a hint of Grand Marnier.  Each bite is comforting and will end your meal on the perfect note.  I look forward to you enjoying Catch 35’s James Beard Inspired Menu.”