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5 Facts about Maryland soft shell crabs

A true gourmet delicacy, Maryland Soft shell crabs are available from the end of April to Mid-September.

*Soft Shell crab is not always available during this time, please call ahead to the restaurant to check availability*

Soft shell crab is prized because of its intense flavor it develops through the process of molting. Crabs fatten up right before they begin to molt and once they have shed their skin they must be removed from the water within a few hours. Otherwise, their shells will begin to harden again.

Interesting Facts about Soft Shell Crabs:

1-Size-4 to 6 inches

2-Flavor-Sweet and tend with a mild, tangy flavor

3-About 83 calories each (raw)

4-Soft shell crabs are normal crabs before their shells harden

5-Soft-shells are harvested in their peeler stage then transferred to shedding area where they are monitored around the clock until they are removed to prevent the hardening process. Soft shells can be eaten whole (shell and all)

Many people enjoy battered and deep-fried or simply sautéed with a compound butter sauce made up fresh herbs and garlic.

Soft shell crab is about 4-6 inches, quite smaller than the large Alaskan king crab legs you maybe more familiar with. Soft shell crabs though smaller have a more concentrated crab flavor that makes it one summer’s finest delicacies.

Catch 35’s Chef Eddie has created an appetizer and entrée portion of Maryland Soft shell Crab. We source our Maryland soft shell crabs through Boston’s Foley Fish and Fortune fish. The soft shells are both wild caught and sustainable seafood.

On the menu:

Maryland Soft shell crab, Tempura fried, onions, carrot ginger sauce, chili aioli $15-starter/$30-entree

Wine Pairing:

Pair it with VillaViva, Cotes De Thau, Rose, France, 2016

Winemaker Notes:

Luscious, aromatic nose of raspberries and strawberries. Fresh in the mouth with a well-balanced, full and lively middle palate, and a spicy, lingering finish.

Serve VillaViva chilled. Drink anytime as an aperitif or with seafood, poultry, grilled meats, barbecue and Mediterranean-style cuisine.

Comprised of 100% Carignan.