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5 favorite fish dishes during Lent

Dive into Catch 35’s Succulent Seafood Lent Menu – available everyday!  Here are Catch 35’s 5 favorite fish dishes during Lent. 

#1 Atlantic Salmon 

Cedar planked salmon with brown sugar soy glazed – red pepper flakes – tarragon aioli.

Atlantic salmon not only tastes delicious but is also good for you.  Salmon, the second most popular fish in the U.S., exhibits a savory, earthy, and slightly sweet flavor and as well as, enriched with omega 3 fats, high quality protein, minerals, and vitamins.  The Atlantic salmon is mild in flavor, medium-firm texture, and ranges from light pink to orange in color. Healthy and delicious makes Atlantic salmon a perfect fish option for any day during Lent. 

Source: East Coast, Bay of Fundy, Canada

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Atlantic Salmon

Catch 35 offers a few options for during Lent:  Grilled salmon with cucumbers, shallots, lemon dill sauce, Blackened salmon with sweet chili sauce, or Cedar planked salmon with brown sugar soy glazed – red pepper flakes – tarragon aioli.

Did you know? This fish is delivered whole and is cut in house. This is a customer favorite fish.

#2 Whitefish

Lake Superior Whitefish with a parmesan panko crusted – heirloom tomatoes – beurre blanc

From the freshwaters of Lake Superior, mild in flavor and flaky texture make for a favorite fish dish during Lent.

Source: Lake Superior/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round, harder to get in the winter when the traps freeze over.

Catch 35 Menu Options: Lake Superior Whitefish

-Catch 35’s Fish & Chips – battered and flash fried to perfections with side of house fries or Parmesan panko crusted – heirloom tomatoes – beurre blanc.

Did you know? Unique to the Midwest and specially requested by visitors to the Chicagoland area. This local fish is requested time and time again by visitors from the east/west coast and from around the world.

#3 Shrimp

Florida shrimp cocktail with spicy horseradish – celery salt – cocktail sauce

The shrimp grow over time in warm, nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean. Wild American shrimp are harvested from a natural environment free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and residue. This allows the shrimp to absorb a better taste, texture, and overall quality. The Wild American Shrimp industry is sustainable and naturally renewable and chockfull of pride from the American shrimpers who look to pass this profession onto future generations.

Wild Florida Shrimp are harvested in the height of the season, so they taste better. They have a sweet flavor, with a firm, and slightly crunchy texture. When raw their shells are green/blue/gray tints but turn pink when cooked. They are a bit more expensive and can be harder to find at grocery stores. The flavor and texture of these shrimp are unbeatable, so make sure to treat yourself this Lenten season. 

Source: Wild caught off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Florida shrimp cocktail, Sriracha Shrimp, Shrimp Bisque, Shrimp Phad Thai, Fried Shrimp Platter, Grilled Florida Shrimp.

#4 Crab

Maryland Crab Cakes with peppers & onions – remoulade sauce

The ocean’s best, Alaskan king crab, melts in your mouth with highlights of sweet buttery flavor notes.  Celebrate Lent at Catch 35 with our delicious crab dishes.    

Source: Alaska’s Bering Sea/Indian Ocean/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Maryland crab cakes, Crab legs, or seafood cobb salad.

Did you know? Flown in from the icy waters of the Alaskan coast.

#5 Lobster

Maine Lobster roll with celery – mayo – Old Bay – New England style roll

Lobsters have been caught for consumption since the nineteenth century. Prior to this it believed lobsters were larger in size and lived much longer than they do now. Magellan noted these seafood delicacies were as thick as “molasses” in parts of coastal water explored in the old Massachusetts territory, which he extensively traveled.

Lobster tails, a very unique tasting treat that may be enjoyed by themselves or accompanied with a steak or crab legs.  The very sweetest and most delicious part of the lobster is the tail. This is also where the largest portion of meat can be found. Properly cooked lobster meat is white colored and has an elastic consistency. Serve with melted butter, stuffed with crab or simply Old Bay to enhance the great flavor. Tails are a true seafood delicacy that is unique in its flavor and taste. 

Source: off the coasts of Maine/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Maine Lobster Roll, Poached lobster, minced celery, easy mayo, Old Bay seasoning, or choose from lobster tail grilled.

Did you know? The lobsters are shipped in live and whole to Catch 35 to maintain the highest quality and freshness of these Craveable crustaceans.   It’s a great addition to your Friday Lent fish feast. 

Get your seafood feasting on at Catch 35 Chicago/Naperville.  Specials available daily during Lent.  Reserve now!