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Best in Seafood

Best Seafood:  A year in Review @ Catch 35

Top 5 Best Seafood Dishes served at Catch 35 Chicago and Naperville this year!

So if you are off to a Broadway in Chicago show or shopping in Downtown Naperville, check out Catch 35’s BEST seafood: a year in review!


1. Alaskan King Crab:  fresh off the boat and flown in daily throughout October.  King crab is sweet, succulent, and satisfying straight from the ocean floor to Catch 35’s table.  Yummy need I say more!


2. Maine Lobster:  Our annual Lobster Bash during the month of September highlights the flavors of this juicy and mouthwatering shellfish in a variety of delightful presentations: From Flatbreads to Mac n Cheese to rich & creamy Lobster Roll (By the way the roll is on the menu daily throughout the year).



3. Chilean Seabass:  (a customer favorite for the past 25 years) This Catch 35 classic is Rich, buttery, yet a mild flavored fish and is complimented with a complex yet delicate Hawaiian ginger scallion sauce.


4. George’s Bank Scallop:  Sweet and Juicy is what these scallops are all about!  Catch 35 offers it two ways:  Our Signature appetizer Szechwan scallops with scallions, peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and chive potsticker or George’s Bank scallops atop a bed of braised shortrib hash, watercress, and caper aioli.  This BEST seafood is sure to become your new favorite.


5. Oysters:  The BEST seafood from both the west and east coast of the U.S. delivered to the doorstep of Chicago and Naperville.  Fried or served raw, these delicate little creatures are briny and invoke umami to the most complex palates.  Catch 35’s fried version is cooked to perfection complimented with sriracha aioli & grilled lime.  Like them raw: Oysters on the half shell are paired with ginger chili sambal, homemade cocktail sauce (the BEST I ever had, Seriously),  & mignonette sauce.

Now let me tell you it was hard to leave off the Florida shrimp, Yellowfin tuna, Blue Hill Bay mussels, Point Judith calamari, Block Island swordfish, Atlantic salmon (my go to fish dish @Catch35), Lake Superior whitefish, Ecuadorian Mahi Mahi, and etc. etc. etc. but this was just the top 5 and I simply had to dwindle the list down.  But honestly all of our seafood is the BEST and you just can’t go wrong with any of Chef Eddie’s preparations.  As you celebrate this holiday season, stop in at Catch 35 Chicago or Naperville and devour some of the BEST seafood options we have to offer. Wishing you the joy of family, the gift of friends and the best of everything for the New Year! Happy Holidays! See you soon!