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Where is Catch 35’s Seafood Sourced?

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Where is Catch 35’s seafood sourced?

From the coastal waters of the U.S. to your plate, Catch 35 is your fresh seafood and premium steak destination in Chicago and downtown Naperville. We source our fresh seafood from both the east and west coast but we are focusing on the east coast for today. With innovations in delivery, we are able to serve the freshest seafood from places like Georges Bank in New England, Point Judith in Rhode Island, and Blue Hill bay in Maine, to you! Let’s learn a bit about these places and what seafood, Catch 35 located in the heart of the theater district, can offer you tonight!

Georges Bank in New England:

Just off the coast of New England lies Georges Bank, a shallow, sediment-covered plateau bigger than Massachusetts. Georges Bank has played a key role in New England’s rich cultural heritage and was once one of the world’s most productive fishing grounds. Today the area is protected with government regulations and fishing is controlled.

Catch 35 offers a Georges Bank Haddock with Florida shrimp, pineapple, and ginger chili aioli. Thanks to the successful management of U.S. haddock stocks, fishermen are now able to sustainably harvest this valuable whitefish.

These are some amazing Georges Bank Scallops.


Point Judith:

Point Judith is a village and a small cape, on the coast of Narragansett, Rhode Island, on the western side of Narragansett Bay where it opens out onto Rhode Island Sound. With sustained efforts, and dedicated fisherman, Point Judith has been named “The squid capital of the East Coast”.

At Catch 35, near the Chicago River, we serve Point Judith Calamari that is flash fried, with tofu satay and tartar cocktail sauce.

Blue Hill Bay:

Just to the west of Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine. Approximately 14 miles long, Morgan Bay, Union River Bay, and Western Bay empty into it. In addition to crab, lobster, and other fisheries, aquaculture of salmon and mussels is practiced in the bay.

Catch 35, a partner of Broadway in Chicago, delivers Blue Hill Bay Mussels prepared two ways; your choice the classic garlic, white wine and butter sauce or a spicy Thai lemongrass broth drizzled with a jalapeno sauce.


Joins us for lunch or dinner tonight, knowing where your seafood came from. Want to learn more about where your seafood was sourced, check out upcoming blogs or ask our knowledgeable staff. Also, our downtown Chicago location has updated its look of elegance and tranquility for your next intimate meal.   Below Chef Eddie Sweeney prepares Blue Hill Bay mussels. See you soon!

Click here to see Catch 35’s Chef Eddie make Blue Hill Bay Mussels