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Dry-aged vs. Wet-aged Steaks

Catch 35 Fresh Seafood & Premium Steaks uses both Dry-Aged and Wet-Aged Steaks in the menu. We appreciate the uniqueness each process brings to our customers. In this blog, we will look at the process, flavors, textures, and cooking techniques for each type of steak. So let’s get down to it!

First, Dry-aged beef will be explored.

Dry-aged beef is usually not sold by most grocery stores because of the time and loss of weight during the aging process. Therefore, your typically dry-aged beef will be found in fine dining restaurants/steakhouses. You can try to accomplish this technique at home with refrigeration, open air, salt blocks, & moisture permeable dry bags. But the process can take from 15 to 28 days and it may be easier to let the professionals do it!

Dry vs Wet Aged Beef

Second, Wet-aged beef!

Wet-aged processed beef can be easily found in grocery stores due to the shorter aging time. This process still tenderizes the meat but the biggest plus is that there is no moisture loss during the process leading to a weightier piece of beef.

Let’s talk flavor! Dry-aged beef tastes roasted, nutty, & beefy. Wet-aged on the other hand is a less distinctive beef flavor, more mild & mellow preferably for a novice steak eater. As for texture, they both are tender which pleases all kinds of steak connoisseurs.

Dry-Aged and Wet-Aged Steaks Cooking techniques

Moist heat cooking is when that cut of beef is submerged directly into a hot liquid-water, broth, wine, or a combo. The slow heat & liquid break down the tougher cuts of beef over several hours. Braising & Stewing are the most popular methods of moist cooking pieces of beef.

Catch 35 may be your fresh seafood restaurant in Chicago and Naperville, but it is also your Premium Steak Haven! As mentioned above, Catch 35 offers both Wet & Dry-aged steaks due to the varying tastes of our customers. Steak eaters who enjoy a fattier, full flavored, aged beefy & robust flavor will enjoy devouring our dry-aged Bone-in Ribeye.


However, not all steak lovers want such an intense flavor overload. I tend to like a mild less fatty steak! Catch 35 offers wet-aged filet mignons, beloved by many. As for cooking technique at Catch 35, we prefer to dry heat our steaks on a Charcoal grill. This adds a rustic & primal flavor to these tender & juicy cuts of beef. Experience the pleasures of dry-aged and wet-aged steaks at Catch 35, Fish Restaurant in Chicago and Naperville, the next time you are craving a thick juicy cut of beef.

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