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Enjoy Live Jazz at Catch 35 in Downtown Chicago

With the stress so many of us experience regularly, kicking back to relax is more important than ever. It is essential to our health, just as proper nutrition and exercise. Being able to unwind after work or a challenging day is something hard working employees often need.  Listening to some great music while dining after hours is a terrific way to accomplish this. In downtown Chicago, a great venue for relaxing is at the outstanding seafood restaurant Catch 35 on Wacker Drive.

One Place for Great Food and Music

Not only are the fresh seafood and premium steaks exceptional, but five nights a week you can take in the smooth sound of live jazz. Each Tuesday through Saturday evening from 6 to 9, the lounge in the Chicago location proudly presents live music. So, if you or a group of friends are searching for a great place to unwind head out to Catch 35.  Also consider stopping by to hear some jazz before going out to the theater. The venue is also a unique and fun place to entertain clients or other business associates.

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The lounge at Catch 35 features jazz performed by the Eric Hochberg Trio. The group specializes in playing a pleasant mixture of entertaining jazz standards. Some of these songs are their own originals, others are jazz classics from years ago. This eclectic combination of new and older tunes adds to the ambiance and greatly enhances the wonderful experience at Catch 35.

Catch35 has been serving the highest quality seafood along with special menu items for many years. You can expect terrific cuisine at both locations in Chicago and Naperville. Head on out to the Wacker Drive location for a great evening of delicious seafood while enjoying the smooth sound of jazz. After a long day, there is no better way to relax. Give the restaurant a call today at 312-346-3500 for more information about their jazz venue, piano bar or wonderful food.