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Block Island Swordfish

The Source

Block Island Swordfish is sourced from Block Island which is part of Rhode Island. It’s located in the Atlantic Ocean about 13 miles south of the coast of Rhode Island, 14 miles east of Montauk Point on Long Island, and is separated from the Rhode Island mainland by Block Island Sound.

Block Island Swordfish are full flavored with an excellent moist flesh. They are available from July through early December when the fish are swimming in the local waters of Block Island after a spring swim up from the Gulf.

At Home

If you’re willing to try a swordfish recipe at home, you want to make sure the meat is firm with no dull or discolored skin when purchasing filets/steaks at the store.

Swordfish is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in numerous ways, from kabobs and pasta dishes, to crab-stuffed filets. No matter which method you choose, always cook your swordfish to an internal temperature of 120 degrees to ensure the fish’s signature soft, buttery flavor.

3 Interesting facts about Swordfish

#1 Full-grown swordfish are so active, so powerful, and so well armed that they have few enemies.

#2 Swordfish feed on mackerel, menhaden, bluefish, silver hake, butterfish, herring, argentines, rattails and indeed on any smaller fish. Squid, too, are often found in them and may be their chief diet at times.

#3 When swordfish are at the surface, they jump a good deal, attempting to shake off the remoras that so often cling to them.

At Catch 35 located in Chicago’s Theatre district and downtown Naperville, we offer Block Island Swordfish two ways:

-Blackened with roasted red pepper sauce

-Grilled with warm poblano pepper & fingerling potato salad, chimichurri sauce

Wine Pairing:

“It displays an appealing bouquet of ripe apricots with lemon zest. On the palate, it is juicy with balanced acidity and a hint of salty minerality from the limestone soils.”

An excellent companion to thicker hearty cuts of seafood and steak with creamy decadent sauces.  Well balanced and easy to drink!

Make Catch 35 your seafood destination for Block Island Swordfish this season!

See you soon!