Post & Beam Wine Feature

Catch 35 is offering a NEW wine feature for the fall season 2023!  Introducing Far Niente Winery’s Post & Beam Chardonnay and Cabernet.

Post & Beam
Oakville, CA, 2022
Hints of lemon pith, crème brulee, & white flowers, with flavors of melon, passionfruit, and green apple

Post & Beam
Oakville, CA, 2021
Elegant layers of plum, dark berry and black currant, with supple tannins, whispers of oak, and a finish that is pure finesse.

Post & Beam Wine Feature

Post & Beam Flavor Profiles

Post & Beam is a wine producer based in the Napa Valley. Named for the simple yet elegant barns that
dot the American landscape, Post & Beam represents craftsmanship, tradition, legacy and purity in
winemaking. The winery will offer renditions of classic Napa Valley wines that reflect the esteemed
pedigree of Far Niente’s varietals and terroir. The veteran winemaking team for the label will be led by
winemaker Michael Accurso, who will be crafting the wines from carefully selected Napa Valley
vineyards. Post & Beam strives to honor the fundamentals of traditional winemaking techniques to
create simple, elegant, pure expressions of each grape in its finest form.

Post & Beam wines offer renditions of classic Napa Valley wines, affording consumers an authentic
expression of the varietals and terroir. Classically crafted from carefully selected Napa Valley vineyards,
Post & Beam honors the fundamentals of traditional winemaking. The result? Balanced, sophisticated
wines that offer elegant purity of fruit and varietal expression.

The Winery – Post & Beam

The winery is the latest addition to the Far Niente Family of Wineries and Vineyards, joining Far
Niente, Dolce, Nickel & Nickel, En Route, and Bella Union. Far Niente was originally established in
Oakville, CA in 1885, but shuttered and abandoned when Prohibition was introduced in 1919. Sixty
years later, the winery underwent a three-year renovation that restored the building to its original,
19th century grandeur; since then, it has become a benchmark producer of luxury wine known across
the world for its preeminent Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The team’s success in creating
wineries literally from the ground up, combined with a continuing drive to pursue excellence in
winemaking at the luxury level, led to the creation of Post & Beam in 2020. Post & Beam offers a new
entry point for current and prospective Far Niente wine drinkers.

As of its September 2020 launch, Post & Beam wines are available throughout California and direct to
consumer at the winery website. Plans call for a national rollout in Q1 2020.

Learn more at Far Niente Winery – Click Here!