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Recreate Thanksgiving with These Menu Items

The United States has been obsessed with Thanksgiving even before it became its own country.

(And, believe it or not, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too – albeit in October.)

For the United States, the first Thanksgiving took place in the 1620s at a feast in the Plymouth Colony in modern-day New England. It signifies the bringing together of diverse groups of people in celebration of an event everyone can agree upon – the successful harvest and conclusion of the growing season.

In modern-day 2015, we celebrate Thanksgiving just like they did in colonial times – with lots and lots of delicious, fresh seasonal food. You’ll likely be celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends or family later in November. But why wait when you have a mini-Thanksgiving here at Catch 35? Here’s how:

First course

Start with a dish the honors Thanksgiving’s New England beginnings with a cup or bowl of New England clam chowder. This hearty, rich soup will warm you up after walking around in the brisk fall cold.

Second course

Next, continue to honor New England with Maine lobster sliders. Featuring poached lobster, minced celery and Old Bay seasoning, these finger foods will delight and make you feel like a colonial general.

Main course

Complete the New England meal full-circle with Block Island swordfish. Located a dozen or so miles off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island is home to this delicious swordfish that pairs well with a variety of vegetables. You can get it pan roasted, in which the swordfish is wrapped in prosciutto and served with butternut squash. If you get it blackened, it comes with goat cheese crema, onions and shrimp.


Why have pumpkin pie when you can have something even sweeter? Try our pecan pie, which is served deep-dish style and with caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.

Make it your own

Want even more ideas for Thanksgiving meals? Check out our dinner menu, dessert menu and wine list. You can even host a private party (as long as there’s room left this November).