Wine lover’s guide to Seafood

Arm yourself with Catch 35’s wine lover’s guide to seafood before you dine!  It can be a daunting task, so many wines and so little time.  However, wine pairing especially with seafood is fun and exciting.  Tasting flavor combinations that are not in your comfort zone, make the experience new and thrilling.  Remember, you are the critic!  Trust your taste buds and explore new options.  Here are a few tips to help guide you from our trusted experts.

5 Wines & Seafood Pairings

#1 – Maine Lobster

Best known to be sweet, buttery, and rich, Maine lobster pairs well with a sweeter acidic wine like Chenin Blanc wine from the Loire valley in France.  It is a white wine that is both light and delicious.

Crab stuffed lobster – Chicago seafood restaurant – Catch 35

#2 – Gulf of Maine Scallops

Plump, rich, and slightly sweet, Gulf of Maine Scallops, are usually prepared seared in a butter sauce.  The rich oaky finish of a Chardonnay will enhance the richness of the scallop yet lighten up the dish as a whole.

Scallop Surf & Turf – Chicago seafood restaurant – Catch 35

#3 – Oysters

Light and fresh from the ocean, oysters are like kissing the sea.  The best wine to pair with oysters is a light bodied wine that highlights the natural salty brine of the oyster.  A citrusy Sauvignon Blanc from the coastal waters of the United States or New Zealand.

Oysters on the half shell

Oysters – Chicago seafood restaurant – Catch 35

#4 – Yellowfin Tuna

Grilled rare and served with sesame crust and tamari soy sauce.  This fish pairs best with a buttery Pinot Noir for all you red wine lovers.  Satisfyingly delicious!

Yellowfin tuna - Chicago seafood restaurant - Catch 35

Yellowfin tuna – Chicago seafood restaurant – Catch 35

#5 – Swordfish

Blackened with a roasted red pepper sauce or grilled with picatta sauce and capers – Swordfish is the steak of all fish.  Rich and meaty and best paired like tuna with a medium to full bodied red wine.  Rich and decadent!

Blackened Swordfish with lentils – Chicago seafood restaurant – Catch 35


With locations in Chicago’s theater district and downtown Naperville, Catch 35 delivers the freshest seafood to Chicagoland area.  Our specialty wine list boasts a variety of global wines that pair perfectly with our newly crafted seasonal seafood dishes.  In addition, you can use our Wine lover’s guide to seafood or ask our servers who are knowledgeable and ready to assist you with pairing options when dining at Catch 35.  The leader in Chicago seafood, Catch 35 also offers Live Jazz music every Tuesday thru Saturday starting at 6pm at our Chicago Loop location.  Plus, convenient parking options for guests dining with us in downtown Chicago.  Finally, visit us on Instagram or Facebook for specials and events.