Chicago loves seafood!

When you think of Chicago, your mouth drools for dipped beef sandwiches, deep dish pizzas, and Chicago style hotdogs with all the fixings.   But when the weather is hot, humid, and sunny, our appetites desire a much lighter fare.  Chicago loves seafood and especially the freshest versions from the Great lakes and the oceans.  There is nothing better than taking a bite out of ocean fresh seafood transporting yourself to the coast. 

Fresh seafood is not hard to come by in Chicago since we are centrally located to all the coasts:  West, East, and Gulf coasts.  Let’s take a look at some of Chicago’s favorite seafood dishes and how they are prepared at Catch 35 Seafood restaurant.  Located in the heart of Chicago’s theater district and downtown Naperville, Catch 35’s seafood selection is flown in daily for the coastal waters of the United States to your plate.   

Chicago’s favorite seafood dishes!

#1 The Maine Lobster roll

We start with the freshest lobster meat we can get our hands on, dress it lightly with minced celery and olive oil mayonnaise, put it in a butter griddled New England style bun, and finally, shake a little Old Bay on the top. There’s not much to it. The Lobster is the STAR.  Luckily for you, Catch 35’s now offers the Maine Lobster roll as a lunch special for only $17.95 every Monday thru Friday from 11:30am to 3:00pm.


#2 Alaskan Halibut

Well, Pacific halibut is one of the largest flatfish found in the pacific coastal waters from California to Alaska. It is only available fresh from March until November.

Catch 35 only sources our halibut from the coastal waters because it has the best texture and flavor. Halibut is a versatile fish that can come in a variety of preparations.  Low in saturated fat and sodium but a great source of protein and minerals.  Fresh Alaskan halibut is a lean fish with mild, sweet tasting white flesh, large flakes and a firm but tender texture.

Choose from two of Catch 35’s Preparations:  Pan seared Alaskan Halibut with South Asian spiced marinade and cauliflower gratin or Sweet & Sour Halibut – Crispy halibut – bell peppers – onions – pineapple – jasmine rice – sweet & sour sauce. 

#3 Yellowfin tuna

Sourced from the Gulf of Mexico and delivered in large loins, our chefs expertly cut fresh for service each day.  Many options for those Chicago seafood lovers at Catch 35.  Newest to the menu is the Yellowfin tuna steak – Pan-seared rare served with avocado, chive potsticker, and cilantro lime soy sauce.  Delicious! 

But many of our regulars choose the Sesame Seared Yellow fin tuna for an appetizer or the Yellowfin Tuna poke bowl for lunch.   Visit us for Happy Hour and dive into the NEW Tuna Poke Nachos which is the perfect blend of flavor and texture.  Catch 35’s new Happy Hour special offers half priced Oysters every MONDAY – FRIDAY 3pm-6pm (In Bar & Patio Only).

Yellowfin tuna - Chicago seafood restaurant - Catch 35

Yellowfin tuna – Chicago seafood restaurant – Catch 35

#4 Chilean Sea bass

Chilean sea bass, also known as Patagonian toothfish, is sourced from the deep dark depths of the cold waters off the Chilean coast. This fish has had an interesting history. It used to be an unsustainable fish but over the past twenty-five years the governments and fisherman of South America have worked together to get this rich and luscious fish back on the sustainability list. Today, Catch 35, your fresh seafood destination in Chicago and Naperville offers fresh Chilean sea bass shipped in whole from the cold waters off the Chilean coast. Our chefs expertly prepare this fish with the utmost respect of its texture, flavor, and freshness.

Our chef pan roasts the sea bass with a Hawaiian ginger scallion sauce and gently lays it next to a bed of jasmine rice.

#5 Oysters

At Catch 35, we know seafood. We know the seasons, and we know how to find fresh fish and seafood, which can be a challenge in the Midwest. That’s why we offer “Ocean to Plate” oysters in an half shell and sometimes have specials featuring fried or baked oysters.

Oysters have mainly been enjoyed on the coastal cities due to the easy accessibility of the delicious sea creatures. Delivered daily packed on ice shipped directly from Boston to Catch 35 in Chicago and downtown Naperville. In addition, we serve ocean fresh oysters raw on the half shell with a trio of fresh and fragrant sauces including mignonette, cocktail, and ginger chili sambal.  New to the menu – Charbroiled oysters with a house herbed butter, parmesan cheese, charred lime.   Slurp these tasty eats down at Catch 35’s Outdoor Café – available at both our Naperville and Chicago locations. 

Oysters on the half shell

Chicago loves seafood and so does Catch 35!  It is our mission to provide the best flavors, freshest seafood, and ultimate dining experience for our guests.  Book your table today – see you soon!