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Where in the world are Catch 35’s steaks and seafood sourced?

From the ocean waters and grasslands of the World to your plate, Catch 35 is your fresh seafood and premium steak destination in Chicago and downtown Naperville.

With innovations in delivery, we are able to serve the freshest seafood from places like Georges Bank in New England, Alaska’s Bering Sea, and Gulf Coast in Florida, to you!

Let’s give you the down low on where some of our ingredients are sourced, their availability, how our chefs prepare them, and few interesting facts.

Discover what Catch 35, located in the heart of the theater district, can offer you tonight!

Florida White Shrimp

Source: Wild caught off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Florida shrimp cocktail, Sriracha Shrimp, Shrimp & Crab Bisque, Shrimp Phad Thai, Fried Shrimp Platter, Grilled Florida Shrimp.

Did you know? In May-Catch 35 Naperville celebrates with Fried Shrimp Fridays-All you care to enjoy $19.



Source: Point Judith, RI/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Point Judith Calamari, Flash fried, tofu satay, tartar & cocktail sauce.

Did you know? Customer favorite and MUST HAVE appetizer


Yellowfin Tuna

Source: Gulf of Mexico/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi and Yellowfin Tuna Poke.

Did you know? These are delivered in large loins and are expertly cut for service each day.

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Source: Georges Bank, MA/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Szechwan Scallops and Georges Bank Scallops with braised short rib hash, watercress, black pepper aioli.

Did you know? The scallop is shucked at sea and the meats are rinsed with seawater to remove sand or grit, then is bagged and iced, and marked with day of harvest.


Clam strips

Source: Off the East Coast of MA/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Crispy Fried Clam Tenders, also served in a roll at lunch, and crispy clams are served with Ecuadorian Mahi Mahi entrée.

Did you know? The clam tenders come from the meat of giant clams and are butterflied and tenderized with seawater to make for juicy sea flavored meat.



Source: Blue Hill bay off of Hardwood Island, Maine/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Served in garlic, white wine, butter broth or Thai lemongrass broth, jalapeño sauce.

Did you know? Blue Hill bay mussels are the only farmed mussel in the area, which means that Blue hill bay mussels are allowed to grow plumper and more full-meated that than the traditional rope mussel.


Florida Red Grouper

Source: Off the Florida coast/wild caught

Availability: January-April

Catch 35 Menu Options: Florida Red Grouper (Two preparations)

Prosciutto, butternut squash, caramelized onion, browned butter vinaigrette or Blackened, mascarpone polenta, shrimp, Cajun cream sauce.

Did you know? There are many varieties of grouper available in Florida, our chef prefers red or black grouper.

Ecuadorian Mahi Mahi

Source: Off of Ecuador’s coast/wild caught

Availability: Winter

Catch 35 Menu Options: Ecuadorian Mahi Mahi (Two preparations)

Grilled, Mascarpone polenta, crispy clams, spicy giardiniera or Blackened, andouille sausage, Cajun sauce.

Did you know? Mahi is related to tuna. A white firm fish excellent with tangy sides that cut through the richness of the fish.



Source: Georges Bank, MA/wild caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Georges Bank Haddock (Two preparations)

Fish & Chips, French fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, lemon or pan seared, Dijon crusted, yuzu beurre blanc.

Did you know? Very abundant in the U.S. and a MUST HAVE during Lent.


Atlantic Salmon

Source: East Coast, Bay of Fundy, Canada

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Atlantic Salmon (Two preparations)

Grilled, cucumbers, shallots, lemon dill sauce or Blackened, with sweet chili sauce.

Did you know? This fish is delivered whole and is cut in house. This is a customer favorite fish.


Lake Superior Whitefish

Source: Lake Superior/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round, harder to get in the winter when the traps freeze over.

Catch 35 Menu Options: Lake Superior Whitefish

-Milanese style, Parmesan panko crust, pickle red onions, baby arugula, yuzu beurre blanc.

Did you know? Unique to the Midwest and specially requested by visitors to the Chicagoland area. This local fish is requested time and time again by visitors from the east/west coast and from around the world.


Chilean Sea bass

Source: off the coasts of Chile and Antarctica/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Chilean Sea Bass with Hawaiian ginger scallion sauce.

Did you know? It used to be an unsustainable fish but over the past twenty-five years the governments and fisherman of South America have worked together to get this rich and luscious fish back on the sustainability list.

chilean-sea-bass (1)

Maine Lobster

Source: off the coasts of Maine/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Maine Lobster Roll, Poached lobster, minced celery, easy mayo, Old Bay seasoning, or choose from lobster tail, grilled or poach, or dine during Catch 35’s Lobster Bash in September for all kinds of lobster dishes.

Did you know? The lobsters are shipped in live and whole to Catch 35 to maintain the highest quality and freshness of these Craveable crustaceans.



Source: Alaska’s Bering Sea/Indian Ocean/Wild Caught

Availability: Year round, Special fresh king crab in October.

Catch 35 Menu Options: Maryland crab cakes, Crab legs, shrimp & crab bisque, and Special fresh king crab in October.

Did you know? Flown in from the icy waters of the Alaskan coast.  Special fresh king crab arrives in October to Catch 35 and goes fast.


Skate Wing

Source: North Atlantic Ocean/Wild Caught

Availability: Year Round

Catch 35 Menu Options: Skate Wing Schnitzel with

Horseradish celery root, baby arugula, Dijon-caper butter.

Did you know? The wings are edible and have a sweet, white, firm texture similar to scallops. The French have always loved Skate and see it as a gourmet fish.



Source: Alaska’s Bering Sea/Wild Caught

Availability: March-November

Catch 35 Menu Options: Catch 35’s Chef Eddie changes up the halibut prep using seasonal and local ingredients.

Did you know? Halibut is low in saturated fat and sodium but a great source of protein and minerals.


Soft shell Crab

Source: Maryland/Wild Caught

Availability: Baseball season

Catch 35 Menu Options: Tempura battered and flash fried with a lemon aioli or simply sautéed Almondine style.

Did you know? How is it fished? Expert fishermen have the ability to recognize when they are about to molt; these crabs are usually kept in cages to monitor their progress. The whole molting only takes a few hours and the crabs must be removed from the water within 2 hours of shedding so its really a watch and see kind of fishing. The crabs must be 3 ½ inches tip to tip in order to be sold.



Source: Block Island/Wild Caught

Availability: Spring-late Fall

Catch 35 Menu Options: -Blackened with Florida shrimp, chipotle onions, & goat cheese crema or grilled Oscar style, with Maine lobster, asparagus, & bearnaise sauce.

Did you know? Swordfish feed on mackerel, menhaden, bluefish, silver hake, butterfish, herring, argentines, rattails and indeed on any smaller fish. Squid, too, are often found in them and may be their chief diet at times.


Catch 35 doesn’t just offer seafood, we are also your destination in Chicago and Naperville for Premium steaks and chops.


Filet Mignon ~Prime Bone in Rib eye~ Prime New York strip

Source: Illinois, Iowa, & Nebraska

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: charcoaled grilled to customer’s preferred temperature with herbed butter and paired with cream spinach, fingerling potatoes, and grilled garlic bulb.

Did you know? These tried and true steaks have been taste tested and chef approved for high quality, flavor, and texture.


Australian Lamb chops

Source: Australia

Availability: Year round

Catch 35 Menu Options: charcoaled grilled to customer’s preferred temperature with herbed butter and paired with cream spinach, & blue cheese mashed potatoes.

Did you know? These lamb chops are a customer favorite at Catch 35. It can be devoured at a discount during Chicago and Naperville’s restaurant week.


As the menu changes so will this post! We will try to update you with the most current seafood and steak sourcing information.

Fresh…. High quality ingredients…and Daily Seafood deliveries insure that Catch 35 is your premier fresh seafood and premium steak restaurant in Chicago and Naperville.

See you soon!

Catch 35 strives for a balance between sustainable seafood and customer demand.

*This information may change due to availability and without notice.