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Countdown to Chicago’s Best Seafood

Even though, Chicago is landlocked with exception of the Great lakes to the North, Chicago offers some the best seafood in the Midwest. Catch 35, seafood and premium steaks, is able to offer the freshest and highest quality seafood in Chicago.   Because of our longstanding relationship with local fishermen and purveyors with innovative transportation, Catch 35 provides the freshest seafood to your table. So let’s countdown the top 5 Chicago’s best seafood at Catch 35!

  1. Lake Superior Whitefish:

This is a Midwestern favorite! Fished from the icy waters of Lake Superior, whitefish is a great option for a novice seafood eater. Notably, the light and flaky whitefish is blackened for lunch.  Catch it on our  bar food menu as a sandwich topped with a grilled pineapple salsa. In fact, this sweet, tangy, fish is a customer favorite! Catch 35’s dinner menu offers the whitefish encrusted with panko and served with a light citrus yuzu butter sauce. Simply delicious!

  1. Georges Bank Scallop:

This highly prized succulent scallop is meaty and sweet! Brought in daily from Georges Bank in Massachusetts, scallops are served two ways at Catch 35.   Szechwan Scallops with scallions, peppers, shiitake mushrooms, chive potsticker and for a heartier version try Georges Bank Scallops with braised short rib hash, watercress, black pepper aioli.

  1. The Poke Bowl!

The poke bowl (although not just seafood) is an excellent way to present high quality seafood with fresh vegetables and ingredients. No matter which you choose- Catch 35’s Yellowfin tuna or Atlantic Salmon- Catch 35’s poke bowl will surely win you over.   Whether it’s for a protein packed lunch or lighter dinner, our chef simply dresses the fresh tuna or salmon with soy sauce and chili aioli. In addition, Edamame, scallions, avocado, radish, cucumber, and seaweed join the tuna or salmon to make one of this year’s Chicago Best seafood dishes at Catch 35.

  1. Oysters on the half shell:

Catch 35’s east and west coast oysters change daily on our menu. Ranging from Blue Point-Oyster Bay Harbor, New York to Royal Miyagi – Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The flavors vary based on location from sweet to salty as well as smooth to crisp finishes. Throughout the year, Catch 35 offers a variety of preparations. From grilled with a panko and garlic stuffing to Baked Oysters Rockefeller with bacon, spinach, asiago cheese or on the half shell with cocktail and minuet sauce. Check out our daily specials for ½ off oysters, too!

  1. Chilean Sea bass:

Also known as Patagonian toothfish, sourced from the deep dark depths of the cold waters off the Chilean coast. This fish has had an interesting history. Once, an unsustainable fish.   Now the governments and fisherman of South America have worked together to get this rich and luscious fish back on the sustainability list.

Today, Catch 35 offers fresh Chilean sea bass.  Sea bass ships in whole from the cold waters off the Chilean coast. Our chefs expertly prepare this fish with the utmost respect of its texture, flavor, and freshness.

Lastly, Chilean Sea bass at the top our countdown to Chicago’s best seafood.  Furthermore, sea bass is prized not only by Catch 35’s regular customers but also new diners. Chilean sea bass is meaty yet flaky and light. Catch 35 prepares it with our famous Hawaiian ginger scallion sauce. It is a great choice for any kind of seafood lover.

Given these points, you might be asking why haven’t you mentioned the Alaskan king crab or the Maine lobster or the Florida White shrimp. Well, the answer is they are all fresh and delicious. If I included them the blog would just be really long. After all, based on customer reviews and social media posts, these are the top 5 Chicago’s best seafood at Catch 35. Explore Catch 35’s Menu’s to see if we serve up your favorite seafood in Chicago!

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All in all, don’t forget to reserve your table tonight!  You deserve an evening filled with fresh seafood and decadent wines, a perfect night out in Chicago at Catch 35!