Patio Dining in Naperville

More people will be looking for patio dining in Naperville, as the weather finally is warming up. Nothing beats nice weather, people-watching and meeting with friends for lunch, dinner or just drinks in downtown Naperville.

Catch 35 offers great options for each. Known for our seafood, we also provide plenty of American fare; steaks, salads, burgers, Pad Thai, stir fry and more.

Located at 35 S. Washington St. in the heart of downtown Naperville, we enjoy customers each day from other downtown businesses, with many also shopping and enjoying entertainment in Naperville during weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Catch 35’s patio opens May 1 and will be open on all nice days. If it’s raining, just come inside where the atmosphere offers a touch of class to your day.

People enjoy eating outdoors for a variety of reasons. A few you might not have thought of, however, include being more social with passersby, people-watching, walking or biking to the destination, and enjoying fresh air which helps keep you healthy and get better sleep. As we know from 2020-2021, there also were health-related reasons to dine outdoors. We hope that’s in the past now, but it’s still good for peace-of-mind.

“Dining Al Fresco” on our patio is hard to beat in picturesque downtown Naperville. When you pair that with the fact that we offer fresh fish and seafood, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can view our Naperville menus, specials and more here: You can call 630-717-3500 or click here to make reservations, especially on the most beautiful days when the patio may draw more people.

About Catch 35 Naperville:

Voted BEST SEAFOOD in Downtown Naperville, Catch 35 is an iconic Chicago seafood restaurant featuring a newly crafted menu highlighting fresh seafood from the coastal waters of the U.S. Fan favorites include pan roasted Chilean sea bass, Georges Bank scallop surf & turf, Atlantic salmon, braised beef short rib, and grilled skirt steak.